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Best Trekking season

SPRING SEASON: (March – April – May): Temperature warm rhododendrons and other wildflowers blossom extravagantly in the forest and mountain meadows. Wildlife is more active. Local are out planting and working around the village.

SUMMER SEASON: (June – July – August): Although the monsoon is drenching Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan, this is the perfect season to visit Ladakh, Located at high elevation in the Himalayan rain shadow. Early and late summer are good travel seasons in Tibet.

AUTUMN SEASON: (September – October – November): The monsoon clears up towards the end of September leaving clear air and dazzling blue skies. Harvest is underway and there may be a greater variety of fresh produce. Evenings are chilly and may drop below freezing point in the high mountains through warmly pleasant during the day. This is the traditional high season for trekking.

WINTER SEASON: (December – January – February): There is little snow fall in December / January and the view are excellent. Frosty mornings are usually foggy. Relatively few visitors make this a loving, quite season in the mountain valley. High time temperatures are pretty cold above 5000 feet with February there come more frequent snowstorms.