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insurance to insure yourself

Travel Insurance is the first thing you need to pack before making your journey. The travel insurance should always cover both the medical and emergency evacuation cost. And it should be worth minimum of USD 100,000.00.

While travelling it is important to be prepared for any unseen circumstance which may occur. Especially on Himalayas, the land it self is very risky in some places and one should really take care while walking or standing. There might be injuries and also high altitude sickness by which you will be forced to evacuate from the place of destination to lower altitude.

In case of emergency , a helicopter services may also needed depending on the circumstances of the event. A rescue team along with the helicopter might be needed to make a ground rescue. So its very important for every individual who is travelling in the Himalayas of Nepal to have a good insurance which covers the helicopter services and evacuation in the mountains as well.

Having a good insurance plan helps you cover all the accidents, injuries, health issues, emergency rescue by helicopter on the Himalayas will make your trip trouble