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Nepal has scenic beauty that is admired by every traveller who come to this mystic land. It is always mesmerizing to see the glorious mountains in the high Himalayas. Mountains like Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Amabdablam has allured many of the trekkers who made their journey. But making this far to this places needs longer days and good healthy body.

Some of the trails are short day and easy to walk by, but some requires a great deal of physical endurance and a heart to make it up to that place. So Nepal has some of the easy, moderate and some requires great effort to accomplish the trek.

So, it is important to make the right kind of trekking according to your physical endurance for the trek. We have categorized the treks into Easy, Moderate and Very Strenuous type.


Usually this trek is easy for starters and family groups, elevated at 4000m above sea level. It requires 5/7 hours walk per day. Some place takes a lot longer and with not much well paved paths.


This type of treks are above 5000m level high and trekkers have to challenge their way to uphill trials and downhill. And also needs to acclimatize on described locations, normally 6/7 hours of walk is made necessary with 13-19 days travel span.

Very strenuous

The trekkers has to have a high physical endurance to make this trip. Good mountain climbing skills is a must for this type. The trails are usually above 6000m above sea level and should be well prepared for the cold that is felt on the altitude. This type of treks are designed for experienced trekkers and climbers.