kalinchowk, a blessed heaven

kalinchowk, a blessed heaven

Kalinchowk Temple

Yes, Blessed heaven, peaceful place ,surrounded by the Himalayas in the north and west. Goddess kali her self resides on the top of the hill (3842m). Spectacular view can be seen from the hillside of the temple. Most of the devotees come here every year in a huge number, and so this year seems it has doubled then the last year. Domestic tourism has raised every since the social media has taken its flow. People travel and which motivates others to visit those places.

Traveling to kalinchowk takes a long road of 132 km and number of rough road when you cross khadichaur, after crossing the bridge its all the way up to mude (a small town) after 1hour and half you would see the town of charikot on your right hand side. As i seen the roads were being made wider, so the traveling is a bit bumpy and 20/30mins of stops until you reach the turning road towards kalinchowk before charikot. After the devastating earthquake, the place had been repaired and new building with careful plan has been made.

The uphill takes you to the less quite and dusty road to Kuri, a small village with many places to stay overnight. if you stay in charikot, then you can make your hiking the next day, which takes about 2/3 hours of walk depending on you pace. After a bumpy ride you can see the hill of kalinchowk, most of the people stay in kuri and start the hiking to kalinchowk temple the next morning.

Kuri Village

Snow covered kuri village

We woke up at 5 am, washed our face and made a one hour walk towards the hill. A lot of people accompanied our journey, kids, old aged peoples and youngster. Its the first week on January 2017 so we could see the snow caped hills on the kuri town and surroundings. You can see the pictures of it, not so fine from my iphone, but the place looks amazingly beautiful.

After hustling for an hour we were on the top of the hill and we could see the whole mountains range, like dorje lakpa, Numbur, Gauri shakhar etc. You can see the amazing view, its a worth being on the hill where there is the majestic mountains and the goddess her self. The temple is on the top with prayer flags surrounding the temple, a priest is there to give you the tika on your forehead. On the west side you can see a hillside where you can see better view of the overall places. The feeling is different when you are standing there, fresh air and a blue sky.

Its a short and amazing trip to a different place, roads doesn’t matter when you could find your self in a blessed place like kalinchowk. Mesmerizing as i sit and write this blog, remembering the place

From the lake to the high pass

From the lake to the high pass

Standing tall on the hill top you could see the valley of Manang, the mystic place in northern himalayas of Nepal. Place from the gate way to the highest lake in the world lies and the pass which we could reach to a newer destination of high altitude plan lands.

As i make a short walk to a nearby hill to see the valley of kathmandu, i plan my way to the place where mountains are close by, where rivers flow in the gorges clashing down the hills. Manang, Tilicho lake, Thorongla pass, jomsom, muktinath, name itself is enough for those who have heard about it.

Chamje Town

Waking up early morning i finished my final packing, along with my friend and my cousin brother we take a bus from Gongabu to Beshisahar. Almost 5hours ride and we reach at the town of besisahar, from where our journey starts. After a good lunch, we take a jeep to Chamje, one can reach Manang if started at early morning. As for us we took the jeep, after a long and bump ride, which took us to a small town of Chamje, where we settled for the night. Dinning room was full of travelers, and after the dinner we made it to our room.

Early morning we rode on the same jeep, along our journey we crossed over the waterfall and we could see the trekking route in opossite direction to us. River marshyagdi river flows down below, and hills takes us slowly to the high mountains. After crossing few check post we come to chame, VDC actually it has many hotels to stay over night. But we moved along in order to reach manang by evening, air was cold and we could see the Lamjung himal on ur west direction.

Tal Town

Following the dense jungle, throught the up hill ride we could see the mountains from our jeep. There were few amazing waterfalls on the road way. Slowly the day closes off with a few forest which comes across us our way, the road becomes more easy and less bumpy. We cross a hill and there we see the pisang valley, amazing hill on the southern part and here you can stay , plan your way to a higher place to upper pisang which is also astounding as Manang. Finally we reached Manang in the cold evening, hotels glimmering light could be seen and everyone seems inside their cozy houses. That night we spent after a good dinner and slept through the night.

View from Manang